Courses taught by Prof. Shelhamer 

580.651 Introduction to Nonlinear Dynamics in Physiology 
(dormant - reactivation pending student interest) 

Studies the application of nonlinear dynamics ("chaos theory") and fractals to physiological systems. Examples are drawn from the fields of cardiology, brain function, and the oculomotor system. Topics include fractals, strange attractors, bifurcations, state-space attractor reconstruction, Poincare sections, dimension calculations, Lyapunov exponents, entropy, tests for determinism, nonlinear forecasting. Especially useful for students interested in applying the computational and analytical techniques of nonlinear dynamics to their own data sets. 


580.625-626 Structure and Function of the Auditory and Vestibular Systems 
(see course home page for schedule) 

Lectures on the vestibular and oculomotor systems in a course that covers the overall physiological mechanisms of hearing and balance. Topics include the different types of eye movements, vestibular reflexes and adaptation, and vestibular problems related to space flight. 

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